Review Request: Fix MakeOutput items for cmake builds with relative paths

Manuel Massing m.massing at
Fri Feb 25 17:35:37 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


Fixes MakeOutput items for cmake builds which use relative paths 
(i.e. cmake projects with CMAKE_USE_RELATIVE_PATHS set to on).

Previously, errors generated by source files with relativ paths
were not clickable because MakeOutputModel does not know about
the directories they are built in.

Because cmake is not verbose enough to indicate directory changes,
observes where object files are being built and use these paths
as search path for urlToFile.


  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makeoutputmodel.cpp 09bb72e 
  projectbuilders/makebuilder/outputfilters.cpp 3b6b806 



Tested on cmake project with SET(CMAKE_USE_RELATIVE_PATHS ON).



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