Review Request: Make "No matching function call" candidates clickable in build output

Manuel Massing m.massing at
Thu Feb 24 23:01:41 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


When gcc encounters a non-matching function call, it spits out a 
list of candidate methods. This patch makes the lines with candidate methods 
clickable, so one can jump to the declaration.

The patch also introduces a differentiation between informative/warning
messages, which is not really necessary for this patch, but might prove useful
in the future. This part assumes that MakeOutputModel.h does not need to
retain interface compatibility.


  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makeoutputdelegate.h 439d845 
  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makeoutputdelegate.cpp b3d9002 
  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makeoutputmodel.h 5ac4553 
  projectbuilders/makebuilder/makeoutputmodel.cpp 09bb72e 



Tested functionality by building C++ code (with gcc) which exhibits the "Non-matching function call" error
(e.g. by intentionally omitting a required parameter to a function call).



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