Find uses/rename is being painfully slow

Valentyn Pavliuchenko valentyn.pavliuchenko at
Thu Feb 17 12:54:00 UTC 2011

I agree - it's really slow and I hate it. Why renaming even some file-local
variable is so slow?

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Valentyn Pavliuchenko

2011/2/17 Dmitry Risenberg <dmitry.risenberg at>

> Hi people!
> I've been having trouble with Find Uses/Rename Declaration features
> for some time - it is really slow. When I call Find Uses on a
> variable, KDevelop outputs some uses instantly, but then the progess
> bar halts for some time (a few seconds) before it goes some more
> forward, and then halts again and so on. At the same time a background
> parser progress bar appears in the lower right corner and disapperars
> only when the search for uses is done. The whole search takes a few
> minutes while Eclipse (!) copes in just a few seconds.
> I've also heard complaints on the IRC about Find Uses becoming slow,
> so I think this is a regression. I'll try to fix it if someone can
> point where to look. I think that the reason for slowness is calling
> the parser.
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> Dmitry Risenberg
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