Find uses/rename is being painfully slow

Dmitry Risenberg dmitry.risenberg at
Thu Feb 17 12:03:01 UTC 2011

Hi people!

I've been having trouble with Find Uses/Rename Declaration features
for some time - it is really slow. When I call Find Uses on a
variable, KDevelop outputs some uses instantly, but then the progess
bar halts for some time (a few seconds) before it goes some more
forward, and then halts again and so on. At the same time a background
parser progress bar appears in the lower right corner and disapperars
only when the search for uses is done. The whole search takes a few
minutes while Eclipse (!) copes in just a few seconds.

I've also heard complaints on the IRC about Find Uses becoming slow,
so I think this is a regression. I'll try to fix it if someone can
point where to look. I think that the reason for slowness is calling
the parser.

Dmitry Risenberg

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