Review Request: Add options to StandardOutputView plugin

Silvère Lestang silvere.lestang at
Wed Feb 16 14:27:05 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


Add to StandardOutputView plugin:
 * An option to display or not the two buttons "Select activated Item" and "Focus when selecting Item"
 * An optional filter action, added to "build", "run" and "debug" outputview
 * the possibility to add a list of QAction to an outputview (the actions appears in the toolbar and the context menu)

Fix: now when we remove an output view from one Area, it's removed from all Areas

Know bug: If you remove quickly many outputs displayed in more than one Area, KDevelop crash. I can't fix the bug as I don't know where and why it's appears exactly (if I attached the debugger, KDevelop is slower so making the bug disappear).


  outputview/ioutputview.h c889003 
  plugins/standardoutputview/CMakeLists.txt bdb23e4 
  plugins/standardoutputview/kdevstandardoutputview.rc 5455135 
  plugins/standardoutputview/outputwidget.h eef3844 
  plugins/standardoutputview/outputwidget.cpp 18e35e7 
  plugins/standardoutputview/standardoutputview.h 4f7e1bf 
  plugins/standardoutputview/standardoutputview.cpp fbdae75 
  plugins/standardoutputview/tests/CMakeLists.txt PRE-CREATION 
  plugins/standardoutputview/tests/standardoutputviewtest.h PRE-CREATION 
  plugins/standardoutputview/tests/standardoutputviewtest.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  plugins/standardoutputview/toolviewdata.h 14afd45 



A test has been adding for the plugin - it's pass - but it's reimplement the macro QTEST_KDEMAIN to get round a bug that I don't understand.



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