Review Request: Hide _darcs directory tree from kdevelop projects

Leon Pollak leonp at
Tue Dec 27 12:35:20 UTC 2011

On Tuesday 27 December 2011 14:19:01 Filip Brcic wrote:
> On Tuesday, 27. December 2011. 14.12.29 Leon Pollak wrote:
> > I bag your pardon 1000 times breaking into your discussion - may be I am
> > totally out of the scope, but it seems to me that you touched the issue I
> > suffer for years already...
> > My project tree contains 5 build directories for cross-platform builds.
> > They are named BuildPC, BuildPPC, BuildARM, etc... AND ALL OF THEM ARE
> > LISTED in the tree.
> > Is there any way this problem may be included in your this discussion?
> Well you are totally IN the scope. My problem was having _darcs directory
> in the project root. Your problem is having Build* directories in the
> root. The solution I made is just for _darcs, but we are now discussing if
> a more generic (and configurable) solution can be found. What I've just
> suggested to make would enable you to add BuildPC/PPC/ARM/... into the
> ignore list so that they wouldn't get listed as project directories.
As for me(!), I will be happy to fill manually some variable, like
in some rc file.

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