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Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Tue Dec 20 22:01:11 UTC 2011

On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 11:08 PM, Aleix Pol <aleixpol at kde.org> wrote:

> Hi!
> Those of who follow the mailing list will have seen that we started a
> thread regarding KDevelop 4.3 that lead nowhere.
> After some discussion with milian, we have decided to put KDevelop on a
> freeze to start the process for a soon-ish the release that will lead to
> a KDevelop 4.3. The idea of this 4.3 is to fix a lot of bugs and problems
> in 4.2, including some problems in CMake, the new c++11 support (that
> milian promised me to push forward before the release) and changes here and
> there.
> Once we have a 4.3 release I'd like to merge the my newly developed
> features (welcome page, my thesis) so that we can have a 4.4 release before
> summer.
> The proposed schedule for this release is:
> - 19th december a 4.3 branch is created
> - 23rd december the message freeze is effective
> - 1st january KDevelop 4.3 beta
> - 15st january KDevelop 4.3 rc
> - 25th january 4.3 is released
> Of course this schedule is subject to discussion, I understand the dates
> are quite close but I don't think there are features that are being
> implemented that are being implemented now and that can't wait for a
> further KDevelop 4.4.
> Thoughts?
> Aleix

Regardless the lack of response, I decided to keep with the plan and push
the new branches. That is, a 4.3 branch was created for KDevelop and a 1.3
branch was created for KDevPlatform. Note to the plugin developers, it
would be interesting if you followed this naming too.

According to the plan, we will enter the message freeze this week.

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