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Wed Sep 29 13:43:08 UTC 2010

On Tuesday, 28. September 2010 21:42:19 Dmitry Risenberg wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I have recently moved to KDevelop and like it very much, so I would like
> to contribute to its development. But after getting it from VCS, I found
> it too hard to understand the code and how everything interacts
> together. So I need something to get started with, may be some
> relatively easy coding tasks that can be done by a beginner. I have some
> C++, Qt4 and CMake skills, but not with the KDE-specific stuff.

 A few things on my TODO since a long time:

- drag & drop

I have never implemented drag and drop anywhere, just read the general how-to 
in a Qt book back than. You'd have to figure it out yourself. But we could help 
you figure out which widget in KDevelop's UI can be found where in the sources. 

- DBUS support in KDevelop, mostly to implement something like:
  * "this session is already opened" => focus opened session and don't show 
any error window

again, I never used that but it might actually "just work" - one just has to 
write the code to focus the window. I just tried with qdbusviewer but 
strangely "MainWindow/com.trolltech.Qt.QWidget raise" does not work as 
expected... And generally the DBUS api should be made more usable.

But as aleix said: You should pick something _you_ are interested in, as that 
will increase the passion on your side to get it done.

Happy hacking :)

PS: for small question, hop on to #kdevelop on Freenode IRC.

Milian Wolff
mail at
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