Perspective switch

Kishore kitts.mailinglists at
Tue Sep 28 04:57:42 UTC 2010

On Sunday 26 Sep 2010 11:11:36 pm Niko Sams wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 19:26, William Frank <kibork at> wrote:
> > I never actually use them, first of all if I debug some thing then I
> > will navigate a lot most probably, and when I switch back to "Code"
> > perspective I land back where I started, and I need to search my way
> > again....
> what do you mean by "search my way again"?
> The idea is that everything is opened as it was before you left "Code" - or
> if you have the same workingset in Code and Debug (default behavior) then
> the files should just stay open.

Actually, i agree with that but not completely. While it mostly works there is one thing i don't like is that for some reason the order of the opened files changes and the currently focussed file changes too. Is that a bug?

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