On showing the working set tooltip when switching documents

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 26 02:45:04 UTC 2010

The nice thing about the delay is that you can always move your mouse into
the tooltip and start using it by mouse, this makes working-sets more

However the basic idea was also to let it pop away as soon as the modifiers
are released, this would just need some more ugly event-filtering once

Also, I think this is better than the CTRL+Tab UI, because it uses a common
UI for multiple things, and increases discoverability of working sets. I
think CTRL+Tab should also use the same UI, or be simply removed as it's
redundant now. If you think that the tooltip is too fat or redundant, you
can propose how to make it more compact while keeping it useful.

Greetings, David

Am 24.09.2010 04:18 schrieb "Milian Wolff" <mail at milianw.de>:

Hey all, esp. David!

While I like the idea of showing the working set tooltip when switching
documents with e.g. CTRL + ALT + LEFT|RIGHT, it is quite annoying at the

1) it shows a possible *huge* tooltip, with quite contrasting colors
2) it is shown too long, imo it *must* hide as soon as I release all
And maybe it should only be shown when I press e.g. CTRL + ALT for some
Like this:

CTRL + ALT + LEFT (no popup)
keep CTRL + ALT pressed (=> popup is shown after XYZmsec delay)
CTRL + ALT released (=> popup is hidden)

this is of course hard to implement with configurable shortcuts.

But can it at least be hidden as soon as I release all modifiers of that
action? The current implementation is too much noise for too long imo.

If this is not possible, I'm actually *in favor* of removing this feature
again. Lets rather scroll the tabbar better to always have the selected tab
the middle. If you want to find something in a list, use CTRL + TAB or

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de

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