Long Amarok project loading

Valentin Pavlyuchenko thevalik at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 20:07:03 UTC 2010

Sorry, I don't know how to send you your cookies:)
Yes, you're absolutely right - cmake 2.8.2, ZLIB_VERSION,
find_package(ZLIB REQUIRED)
So what it means?

P.S. Btw, these are Debian testing (future stable version - it's in
freeze now) software versions.

Best regards,
Valentin Pavlyuchenko

2010/9/23 Nicolás Alvarez <nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com>:
> On 22/09/2010, Valentin Pavlyuchenko <thevalik at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm using KDevelop 4.1 from git and I've tried opening Amarok project with
>> it.
>> Currently project loading takes about 2 minutes to complete (just
>> cmake project loading, without parsing). My PC is not old one (Core 2
>> Duo, 3.2GHz).
>> Can someone explain me why it is so slow?
> Do you happen to have CMake 2.8.2, a zlib.h with ZLIB_VERSION defined
> to a four-component version number, and a find_package(ZLIB) call in
> Amarok's CMake scripts?
> I want cookies if I guessed all that right.
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> Nicolas
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