improving context browser for declarations in file

Milian Wolff mail at
Fri Sep 10 15:40:46 UTC 2010

Hey there,

a user (blender dev) showed me this screenshot with the plea to improve it:

I hope we all agree that this is completely bad. His idea  where the "all, all 
funcs, used funcs, ..." buttons to the left which are nice but imo hard to 
implement with the current api (or am I mistaken?).

For starters I thought about at least grouping the declarations by kind. Imo 
it would be better, but right now the declarations are listed in the order 
they are declared which is probably also helpful. So maybe we could at least 
merge consecutive declarations of the same kind?

Like so:

Typedef foo, Typedef bar, Function abc, Function asdf, Class foo


Typedefs foo, bar, Functions abc, asdf, Class foo

What do you think?
Milian Wolff
mail at
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