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Julian Bäume julian at svg4all.de
Fri Sep 10 14:43:12 UTC 2010

On Friday 10 September 2010 08:59:40 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 10.09.10 04:14:05, Julian Bäume wrote:
> > some time ago, there has been a profiles-feature allowing to blacklist
> > certain plugins. As far as I can see, this has been removed. (I didn’t
> > find any reason or explicit information, but it’s not working and many
> > things indicated, that this has been removed.) There is still
> > documentation about this in the wiki, but it seems outdated to me.
> Right it was removed. The main reason is because nobody ported it and it
> was considered to be too complex.

okay, good to know, then I will remove everything related from the project.

> > I understand how to enable certain plugins by default, via the
> > IDEExtension interface and this also works fine.
> This interface also defines which plugins are not loaded.

In terms of: everything not in the defaultPlugins() list won’t be loaded, I 
guess. At least I didn’t find any other way to mess around with that. (which 
somehow feels as “the right thing” to me ;))

> > But
> > there are some plugins I can’t switch off. In the list of loaded plugins,
> > I can find some plugins, that I don’t expect to be there. In the Modules
> > configuration, I have the Qt documentation, CMake documentation and cvs
> > and svn plugins disabled, but they show up in that list of loaded
> > plugins.
> You mean you disabled them under Settings->Configure KDevelop->Plugins
> and they still show up after a restart under Help->Loaded Plugins? That
> would be a bug.

This still happens, I will try to investigate. I removed all the dirs in the 
sessions directory to have a clean start. When starting KTechLab (the program, 
I’m talking about the whole time ;)), in the Help->Loaded Plugins dialog, 
there are the 2 documentation plugins loaded. (CMake and Qt) I think, that 
shouldn’t happen. Any hints, why this might be? This isn’t importent, yet, so 
I might find some time to have a deeper look into this.
> > Then there are the “project” plugins. These are supposed to be loaded
> > with projects. The projects I load don’t need the cmake plugin, but
> > still this plugin is loaded.
> That shouldn't happen either, but cmake is also a language plugin which
> are always loaded once a file with that mimetype is being parsed.

I see. So these aren’t loaded at start-up, so I suspect me doing something not 
right here. I will have a look into that. 

> > I’ve written an own plugin, that handles project files, this is in the
> > list too, which is fine ;) Then there is the C++ language plugin,
> > which confuses me most. I guess, this one is loaded, because of an
> > entry in the .desktop file.  (X-KDevelop-LoadMode=AlwaysOn) I wasn’t
> > aware of this option, till now.
> Kind of, yet the C++ plugin is only loaded once KDevelop tries to parse
> a file which has the C++ mimetype. So in a KDevelop instance that has no
> project loaded you shouldn't see C++ loaded, or cmake manager. This
> works for me here. Also note when I say 'KDevelop' I mean any
> KDevPlatform using app.

I can confirm that. I had a .c file in my test project, when removing it, C++ 
support isn’t loadad. Cool. The C files in a project will only contain C code, 
because they are meant to contain code for microcontrollers. So once there is 
another language plugin, better supporting plain C, this will get loaded 
instead. That sounds perfect to me. :)

Thanks, so far. :)

bye then
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