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Mon Sep 6 00:37:05 UTC 2010

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 5:17 PM, David Nolden <zwabel at> wrote:

> About the Git menu entries again:
> - I find the "Update" menu entry confusing. Seems like it does the
> same as "Pull", but there is also a "Pull" entry, so the "Update"
> entry should disappear.
I agree, but I'm not sure if we should go deeper, maybe we could consider
pull a type of update or something like that.

> - Also the "Revision History" entry does nothing at all here, and
> since there's "History", "Revision History" should also be removed.
It doesn't do anything because you #if 0'd the slot, I'm not sure why. It
does something and it looks ugly, as I said we should review that and
probably refactor the code inside the git plguin instead of vcs/dvcs but i
think it's still usefull to see the branch history.

> - Also the "Compare to Base" and "Compare to Head" entries are quite
> annoying, as I simply don't know what the difference between them is,
> and user also won't get it. "Compare to Head" should IMO go away, and
> maybe "Compare to Base" should be changed to "Local Changes..." or
> something like that. However since those changes can also be inspected
> when pushing "Commit...", maybe that entry could also go.
I agree, Andreas any thought about that? (I'm asking because I think you
added that)

> - I think "Branch Manager" should be renamed to "Branches..."
I agree, changed it.

> - Since "Push..." and "Pull..." always operate on the whole
> repository, I think those should only be shown in the context-menu of
> the whole repository. The same is probably true for the stash- and
> branch-entries
Meh... I thought about that too... but putting it there i think it would
make these features a little harder to find.

> - "Push..." and "Pull..." are misleading, as their name suggests that
> there will be a menu (due to the "..."), but at least for "Pull" there
> is none.

> Greetings, David
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