Patch: pluralize removeFile/removeFolder API

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Wed Oct 13 15:38:20 UTC 2010

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 5:13 PM, Olivier JG <olivier.jg at> wrote:

>  Attached are new patches for kdevelop and kdevplatform. Egregious errors
> can be attributed to time of night.
> Now, deleting a folder will have any subfiles removed from targets as
> needed, and the api is removeFilesAndFolders.
> Known issue is that the remove option shouldn't be present when removing
> target subfiles or the project dir (gasp), this is currently worked around
> for safety and cleanliness. Once this goes in, I'll take a look at fixing
> the context menu.
> -Olivier JG
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API wise:
- You can't call it removeFilesAndFolders and pass ProjectBaseItem's because
there might be targets there too (target removal doesn't work with cmake
yet, though, but we could add that easy). Maybe removeItems()?

On KDevelop patch:
- can you add const & on the parameters? All the rest of the code is using
it, we won't change that just for this case
- instead of passing parameters as class&, pass them as pointers, it's how
we usually work with widgets and looks more clear imo.

But this is more like small comments, I think the patches are good globally.
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