KDevelop's Kate menu restructurization and KTextEditor plugins

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 14:07:17 UTC 2010

> 2010/10/11 Alexander Dymo <alexander.dymo at gmail.com>:
> There must be some solution that works for every plugin. We cannot
> have special-handling in KDevelop for each kate plugin..
For "official" kate plugins IMHO we should. We need to optimize for any  
kind of kate part embedding.

> also, the
> restructuring should somewhat work for other editor-parts than kate
> (for example okteta or something like that). Maybe we can use the old
> mechanism for everything that is not covered by replaceXMLFile().
Might not be a bad idea. Other parts (not kate) are really rare and for  
them the old code could be ok.

> Also, did you
> do some profiling to find out _why_ it was so slow? Maybe it was
> fixable.
I don't have a profile anymore, but I remember conclusion. There wasn't an  
obvious performance problem
in the code. It's just there was too much processing. And in view  
switching, tenths of milliseconds matter.

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