Patch: pluralize removeFile/removeFolder API

Milian Wolff mail at
Mon Oct 11 09:43:57 UTC 2010

Olivier JG, 10.10.2010:
>   Attached are patches for kdevelop/kdevplatform to change the project
> manager api to be able to remove multiple files at once, and supporting
> code for CMakeManager, CustomMakeManager and GenericManager.
> Known Issues:
> (1) When removing a folder the CMakeManager still doesn't check if any
> of its subfiles are part of a target (this is current behavior, just not
> fixed with this yet)
> (2) Sometimes after deleting files that aren't part of the buildsystem,
> they will remain in the treeview (I'm not sure if this is current
> behavior, though I think it is as I doubt I added it, not sure if it's
> best to remove the specific row after deletion, or just reload the
> folder, or if this is supposed to happen via some signal and isn't
> working for some reason)
> I believe I can push, but since this is an API change and a rather large
> patch, posting it here to be safe.
> Let me know if something should be changed/added/removed.
> Once this is in I hope to deal with Known Issue 1.

generally looks fine and Aleix and me both wanted this change.


1) QWidget* window(QApplication:.activeWindow()) - not required, the 
activewindow is a QWidget.

2) Cmake might still have a problem with this, afaik it reloads the project as 
soon as a CMakeLists.txt is removed, hence the folders might be invalid 
afterwards. Aleix? Maybe we need to pass one big list of items instead of 
differentiating between files and folders?

3) the typedefs in ibuildsystemmanager seem to be unused?

4) Aleix will have to review the CMake part

So, I'm all in favor of pushing this. to fix (1) you should make sure you don't 
pass something like this to the manager:


But instead only:



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