Arrangement of toolbar icons

Gerhard Stengel gstengel at
Tue Nov 30 20:57:45 UTC 2010


I think there are some problems in the arrangement of the toolbar icons (just tested 4.1.1)

I'd like to group similar actions together, like "New" next to "Save". Now "New" belongs to the <kdevelop> toolbar and 
"Save" and "Save As" to <KatePartView>, so they end up in different toolbars even though they're quite closely related. 

While the "Configure toolbars" dialogue is open, I'm able to position the icons directly in the toolbar per drag & drop. 
However, this change is lost when I change between the "Code" and the "Debug" view and back.
So this  doesn't seem to be a way to achieve the grouping I's like to have. Is there any? If not, this would be a nice 
feature, because to the user it isn't interesting from which toolbar a certain icon comes, it's more important to be 
able to group them in a logical way.

Another strange thing is that if I configure the toolbars with the "Configure toolbar" dialogue and do an operation that 
may be totally unrelated to the <kdevelop> toolbar, the "Save" icon always jumps right of the new icon, so it's no 
longer inside its toolbar, the <KatePartView>. However, If I activate the views Code->Debug->Code, the "Save" icon 
changes its place back into the <KatePartView> toolbar. This seems like a bug to me.

I may put some screenshots to pastebin if it made it clearer for anyone who wants to analyse this more deeply.

best regards


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