Building a library and executable with 300 C++ files.

Leon Pollak leonp at
Mon Nov 29 15:32:21 UTC 2010

On Monday November 29 2010, Michael Hart wrote:
> I have been spoiled by my previous IDEs and never needed to know anything
> about the build environment.
> I just started to get my feet wet with CMakeList.txt so what you have
> written below has virtually not meaning to me.
> Perhaps a little more detail would be helpful.
I understand what you mean. And I was (and even am) partially in your 
situation some time ago.
Yes, all my previous experience was also "automatic"...:-)
But as I like kdevelop very much, I decided to take myself by the collar and 
spend several hours on CMAKE study.
Well, I was bad pupil, but several major principles of these text files I 
understood and built several for myself. It took me less then 1 hours as there 
is a lot of material in the Internet.
The problem is that this information goes out of the brains when you do not 
use it...:-( And I use it once in a year...:-)
Anyway, if you have a working text file and want to compile all *.cpp files in 
a directory add this clause to the text file - it will do the job.
Feel free to ask in a privet mail...:-) leonp at plris dot com.

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