Building a library and executable with 300 C++ files.

Syron mr.syron at
Mon Nov 29 18:00:13 UTC 2010

2010/11/29 Michael Hart < at>:
> Being a very senior and experienced C++ developer for the most part all I
> ever cared about was the C++ language and the various APIs I used in getting
> an application to market. So what may seem appalling to you, I can only make
> the assumption I was using automake as my build tool.

I think it's strange that you're a senior developer and have never
dealt with any build system - understanding how build systems work is
an important thing, that's what I learned as soon as I wrote my first
project with more than one file. And I am also worried about the fact
that you have 300 C++ files in _one_ directory, that seems like a big
If you spend some time learning a build system (qMake, CMake,
whatever), you will soon learn how powerful they are.

Kind regards,
-- Syron

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