Review Request: Extended version check for find_package(KDevPlatform 1.1.0)

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Nov 29 00:04:53 UTC 2010

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Review request for KDevelop.


Add an additional version check to prevent projects using kdevplatform from running into compile problems due to incompatible API.

KDevPlatform currently breaks its API with each minor release, so a project that was built against KDevPlatform 1.1.0 may easily break when someone tries
to compile it against KDevPlatform 1.2 (1.1.60 or later). As we can already somewhat detect this during cmake time and give a nice error message instead
of the user having to hunt down the compiler errors we should do that IMHO.

This change checks the found KDevPlatform version to be less than find-version-major.find-version-minor.60, i.e. if a project has the required version set
to 1.0.0 and someone tries to build it with KDevPlatform 1.1.0 installed he'll get an error message.

This is not 100% perfect:
- If a project doesn't supply a version number, we cannot do the check (note to self: test this case)
- If a project wants to support 2 versions of KDevPlatform at the same time, this change will prevent that

We could think about allowing to set a KDEVPLATFORM_OVERRIDE_STRICT_VERSION_CHECK cmake variable before calling find_package(KDevPlatform 1.1.0) to support
the second point from above. Opinions?

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Built KDevPlatform 1.1 branch with this change and tried kdevelop4-custom-buildsystem with adjusted find_package call to require KDevPlatform 1.0.0. Fails as expected, changing back to require KDevPlatform 1.1 makes the cmake call work.



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