Some timing regarding ADL..

Milian Wolff mail at
Fri Nov 26 13:27:09 UTC 2010

David Nolden, 26.11.2010:
> Yeah sure, but if we don't have the resources to do something, then we
> simply shouldn't do it. It is kind of sad, but it is better for the
> application. If i didn't invest those 8 hours yesterday, many people would
> be using a highly degraded application. More patches would be merged, and
> at some point we wouldn' know anymore why the app is so slow. Then we'd
> have to do extensive profiling again to notice the problems, etc. etc.,
> this is "moving in circles" rather than "moving forward".

While I agree, doing more profilling would maybe be good. I will try to do 
such testing in the future, at least on KDevplatform/KDevelop or similar sized 

But As Andreas said, it stayed in the branch for weeks without *anyone* being 
interested in it. Only a few users told me that they really like this branch, 
that it works fine for them. So I trusted the, merged it and saw that it was 
working quite nice. Then a few days later I noticed the slowdown during code 
completion which was fixed ASAP by Ciprian, so nothing wrong there.

And I'd rather have new contributors doing good work (even if it's not 
perfect) then no new things at all. And it's not like I merged this stuff 
blindly, I did skim through the changes and didn't see anything obvious. I 
mean hell, I don't even know what ADL is nor when it's applicable and when 
not, I wouldn't have seen how to improve this case. We simply need people like 
you in our project, who know Cpp really well *and* know their way around the 
code base. And really, if it's just 8h of work, what's the problem? I spent 
much more on some much less important features...

Anyways, this doesn't help at all and I don't see why I should defend myself 
here. Who codes decides, and you sadly disappear for weeks sometimes and left 
me no choice but to try to improve KDevelop in the best way possible that I 


> Am 26.11.2010 08:18 schrieb "Andreas Pakulat" <apaku at>:
> On 26.11.10 03:06:54, David Nolden wrote:
> > I have pushed the changes to the repository ...
> It did stay in a branch for quite a while (several weeks), but nobody
> (including you) looked at it or reviewed it. And its not like it was
> merged a few days before releasing..
> Andreas
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