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Tue Nov 23 12:41:15 UTC 2010

Andreas Pakulat, 23.11.2010:
> On 23.11.10 08:04:24, Benjamin Port wrote:
> > Hi,
> > good job :)
> > 
> > First question, there is an easy way to migrate branch under team to the
> > new git repository?
> We'll have to decide wether we again create a 'team clone'. Whats
> unclear from the gitkdeorg manual is wether all people have push access
> to a personal repository clone or only the creator. If the only thing
> where all can push to is the mainline repository, then I suggest to push
> working branches there and make sure they get cleaned up once they've
> been merged. Otherwise setting up a personal clone under one of the
> accounts as "team clone" would probably be nice.

I'm actually in favor of putting the team-work-branches into our main repo. I 
don't see the big gain in having only version branches in there, esp. 
considering how easy it is to differentiate between both.

Of course this means that we should delete the branches if they are merged or 
development is abandoned.

> Of course outside-the-team contributors should simply use a personal
> clone on git.kde.org for their work.

Yes, and then either:

a) create one big diff to put on reviewboard:
git diff origin/master..their-branch

b) send us a link to the repo so we can clone it ourselves and look at the 
commits and do the diff ourselves.

For both, merging would keep the history and single commits in tact.
Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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