Memory usage when opening Linux Kernel in KDevelop

Milian Wolff mail at
Sat Nov 20 15:18:28 UTC 2010

Hey all,

I've run KDevelop through massif when loading the Linux Kernel, and to me it 
looks quite OK (peak at ~500mb). I still have some questions though, and will 
rerun this with more snapshots. Anyhow, when looking at the snapshot / peaks 
we already find some interesting things. One is: Is it to be expected that most 
of the memory is allocated in KDevelop::Buckets (>30%)? It's too bad that 
class it not documented at all (David, could you do that please?). Looking at 

    void initialize(uint monsterBucketExtent);

I assume it's only for monster buckets (what are those again exactly?). I 
assumed that was only required for *really* big files (like the 
phpfunctions.php in the PHP plugin), I doubt there is any thing like that in 
the linux Kernel. Well - maybe, but why is are those buckets so persistent 
across snapshots...

Also, why is the custom rxx_allocator used? And what does this mean:

> Block size is currently 64k, *allocated space is not reclaimed,*

It's the number one memory hog in the peaks.

Milian Wolff
milianw at
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