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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Nov 18 07:39:23 UTC 2010

On 18.11.10 00:54:46, Sven Brauch wrote:
> Hi,
> > You could save the time needed to load python and especially to load
> > the python modules.
> Python caches them very well. It won't take any relevant amount of time when
> loading modules for the second time (you can easily try that out in a
> terminal). :)
> I'll have a look at the DUChain ItemRepository thingy, thanks for the hint.
> But I cannot imagine why using SQLite should be so difficult or "fat"...

Its not fat, in fact kdevelop already depends on it (indirectly) through
the QtHelp plugin.

> it's part of most Qt distributions, isn't it? At least for me, it was
> available automatically.
> And I imagined loading and storing things would be like... 2 lines, where do
> you see a possibility for thousands of lines of code there? If the file ever
> gets corrupted (which I don't expect to happen, will it?) I can easily just
> delete it. It's just a cache.
> Plus, a "real" (sorry :) database would be way more flexible in terms of
> searching, distributing with predefined data, exporting/importing, ...

Not to mention that duchain has its own set of bugs, including problems
when the database gets corrupted which can happen by just putting the
wrong things into it as far as I understood (we still have open
bugreports because some incorrect data is in peoples duchain and causes
crashes of kdevelop).

And the itemrepository stuff is basically maintained by only a single
person, whereas sqlite is maintained by more people and its also used by
a far wider range of people.

IMHO sqlite is the right choice for caching some data from pydoc to make
accessing it faster.

You will be run over by a bus.

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