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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Nov 9 11:15:01 UTC 2010

On 09.11.10 11:51:47, Milian Wolff wrote:
> > After using MR with Benjamin yesterday I came to the conclusion that we may
> > just ask the requesters to provide the branch they used to create the
> > patch, then provide it using "git diff master..devbranch", other than
> > that, I think reviewboard is more advanced than gitorious MR.
> But we'd still merge the whole history, not just one big patch, correct? I'm 
> heavily opposed against the former. But you are right in that we could use the 
> above diff to get a reviewable diff. Though smaller chunks would of course be 
> nicer, but well - kompare can put it into chunks-per-file at least.

As far as I understood the proposed workflow (on the kde-git mailinglist,
in irc and blog posts) only reviewing would be done via reviewboard. Once
the change is ok you'd still simply fetch the private clone and merge the
corresponding branch into master or 4.0. So all the commits would still be
separate commits. Anything else indeed doesn't make the slightest sense
when using git as rcs.


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