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Wed Mar 24 13:45:55 UTC 2010


XML- and DTD-parsing do not need any document-specific information.
So it would never be a problem to parse them. For HTML you could create a 
simple implementation of this interface until parsing of XML, HTML and DTD 
works. Then there could be an implementation for DTD providing support for any 
SGML-document. SGML: There are elements with optional closing-tags, e.g. <li> 
in HTML. So you would have to check that in the parser. Contact me, if you 
need any help with building the trees.
Maybe there are some kinds of SGML-nodes:
1. Normal, <a>...</a>
2. Without closing, <img>
3. Optional closing, <li>text ?(</li>)
4. Like the <p> in docbook, <p>text


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