Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé jonathan at
Thu Mar 18 21:06:26 UTC 2010

Hi Ruan!

> 1) The parser only builds up an sequential array of elements (ast nodes),
> except for doctype where the definitions is contained inside the doctype
> ast node (in a dtd file it a an array again, the definitions is not within
> a doctype element). Does this sound correct?
> (ie <tag> <othertag/> </tag> <tag/> will be 4 ast nodes in the array not
> three and one with a child)
Niko is right, it should be a tree.

> 2) I have 2 first/first and 1 first/last  conflict, but it appears to work
> fine. The PG-QT web page says that can be ignored in some cases?
Please tell me if the formulation is somehow complicated, is there anything 
not understandable, I would like to fix it? ;)

> 3) Can I commit it so long and can someone have a look at the grammar. I do
> not want to carry on if it is broken, since a lot of code (builders as I
> understand it) will depend on it.
Please commit it, I will have a look at it.


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