Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Mar 9 21:54:42 UTC 2010

On 09.03.10 22:02:45, Niko Sams wrote:
> I just pushed kdevelop-plugin-rules, afaics they are in pretty good
> shape. (it's all very basic
> as no branches at all are involved)
> ...please review

Awesome. I'll do a run with that tonight and see what the result looks

> Andreas you said you want to convert python plugin, drop mine if you
> manage to import the
> parser properly.

I'll play around a bit with that, maybe I can just add a recurse rule
and the source work-branch, else we'll just drop that bit of history -
IMHO. Its not overly useful anyway as the respective developer is gone
and not reachable (AFAIK).
> And I started with quanta rules and have now a problem with kxsldbg.
> The plugin in quanta
> has a build time dependency on sdk/kxsldbg - and that should get it's
> own repository.
> Any idea how to solve this?

Fix the build-time dep. I see the following options:
a) move the plugin into sdk/kxsldbg and make that depend on kdevplatform
b) provide a proper library with exported symbols for ksxldbg which the
plugin can use
c) merge quanta and ksxldbg into one repo

> And: what about sdk/doc?

Hmm, I thought that stays where it is in svn, but maybe I'm wrong. I
suggest to ask kde-scm-interest.

Cheer Up!  Things are getting worse at a slower rate.

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