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> Hi,
> Could somebody please put this up on techbase (or wherever the ideas are
> kept this year)? Thanks.
> Andreas
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> Subject: Tendency : A KDevelop plugin for testing Network Applications,
>        proposal for GSoC
> From: Rohan Prabhu <rohan at rohanprabhu.com>
> To: apaku at gmx.de
> Dear Sir,
> I am Rohan Prabhu, an Engineering Student from Bangalore, India, currently
> in my second year. I am an aspirant for the Google Summer of Code [gsoc]
> program for the year of 2010. I don't participate much in the mailing list
> for gsoc, but whenever I do, I do with the very same email id you are
> recieving from [rohan at rohanprabhu.com], and use the name 'Rohan Prabhu'. I
> am sincerly interested in the KDE project [have been a user for 4 years
> now]
> and I have an idea from my side for my gsoc project/proposal. I have a good
> knowledge of C++ and Qt [pardon if my self-certification comes forward as
> smugness :D]. As must be obvious by the state of this document that this is
> not an official proposal, but just a submission for your kind review.
> I propose the development of a plugin for KDevelop, called 'Tendency' which
> allows developers to test Network Applications. When developers make a
> server software, they generally have to make a small client also, which
> does
> nothing more than just pushing data in a format that satisfies the protocol
> of the application. I want to create a plugin which makes it easy to send
> such data ovevr the network. The plugin not only supports the sending of
> data, but makes it just as easy to apply filters to different kinds of data
> [like say, a checksum on a local file, or a base64 encoding of the contents
> of a file] and then send it over the network.
> Tendency would also involve the creation of an easy way to define the
> format
> of the data in terms of fields and the relationships between them. For
> example, let's take the case of a simple protocol, which contains two
> fields: size and data. They would be spread as follows:
> +---------+----------------+
> | Size(8) |   Data (n)     |
> +---------+----------------+
> While using Tendency, one can not only define such fields, but also, can
> define the relationship between the two fields. Here, clearly, the size
> field can be set to 'sizeof(file:data)', so that whenever any data is
> loaded, the size field is automatically set to the required parameter.
> Also,
> double clicking on the 'Data' field, would cause a dialog to open, where
> one
> can choose to send a data file [or a specific portion of it] by selecting a
> file from the 'Open File' dialog. One can also apply filters to it like
> 'base64_encode', 'md5_checksum' or 'enc_rot13' and then use that data.
> Also, in the later stages, I wish to add a small framework which would help
> developers use unit testing to test various cases with tendency to check
> the
> accurate working of their application. If you like my idea and would like
> to
> mentor me, I'd be most thankful. Your reply is awaited, and I cannot thank
> you enough for taking the time to read this message till now.
> I sincerely thank you again, and hope for a response from you [I can hope
> for a positive one.. can't I? :)].
> Thankfully yours,
> Rohan Prabhu
> [rohan at rohanprabhu.com]
> [#thirtySeven on irc]
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Please, if you have an idea you can comment it here but you don't want it to
be on the wiki. If you want to apply for it, wait for the applications
period (read the GSoC FAQ:

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