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Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Tue Mar 2 00:18:19 UTC 2010

> I know its a bit early, but this way we have enough time to discuss
> this:
> How do we want to layout kdevelop-related stuff on gitorious? Gitorious
> has a two-level grouping: Project and Repository. So each project can
> have multiple repositories (see

I'd prefer to have just one "project" for KDevelop.
There we'd have
- kdevplatform.git
- kdevelop.git
- quanta.git
- kdevelop-pg-qt.git
- plugin1.git
- plugin2.git
- plugin3.git
- anything_else_we_support.git

Rationale behind this layout:
- it's nice for people outside the project to be able to get all the code from 
one place
- we'll have to promote only one place with KDevelop in gitorious and it will 
be obvious that every repository in that place is stable, official, supported. 
- it'll be "no-brainer" layout. once we have some code that we use, support 
and/or distribute (like kdevelop-pg-qt), we'll drop it in KDevelop project 
without additional thinking
- I don't think we'll have too many plugins maintained separately from 
KDevelop, we don't have enough manpower to maintain more than 10 other 
"official" plugins, libs and tools...
- those plugins that are currently in kdevelop-plugins really belong to 
quanta.git, so the number of additional repositories besides 
kdevplatform/kdevelop/quanta is going to be even less

The svn's playground/kdevelop4-extra-plugins should be abandoned completely. 
People will use their own git repositories for plugins in development. With 
git it's easy to collaborate on any repository, so I don't think we need to 
bother about having a central place for them.

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