KDE _not_ moving to gitorious.org

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Fri Jun 11 10:46:08 UTC 2010

Andreas Pakulat, 11.06.2010:
> Hi,
> as not all of you are reading the kde-scm-interest list this is to
> notify you that KDE is not going to move to gitorious.org and also won't
> host its own gitorious instance. Instead the combination of
> gitolite+redmine+reviewboard will be used. For details please see the
> thread here:
> http://lists.kde.org/?t=127612960300002&r=1&w=2
> The plan is to first move amarok/konversation to the new setup as both
> projects have sysadmins in their developer-team and then the other
> projects that are currently hosted on gitorious.org.
> One noteworthy thing: redmine allows free nesting of projects which
> would help us grouping our non-maintained plugins and maintained code
> into a "global" kdevelop project. Its also easy to move projects
> around...

Woot, I didn't see that coming. I remember talking to Tom Albers about Redmine 
a few weeks ago and he was basically saying: Awesome project but probably not 
viable for a project of the size of KDE. Lets see how it turns out :)

Anyhow: For KDevelop nothing will change for now, right? We'll continue using 
Gitorious until the others are in Git and someday move to gitolite right?

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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