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On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 7:05 PM, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at kde.org> wrote:
> On May 31, 2010, Armijn Hemel wrote:
>> I'm not sure what you actually mean with this, so let me explain how
>> NLnet Foundation funds projects these days. In the old days, it was
> ...
>> Their funding would be tied to concrete results and money is not given
>> up front. They are quite flexible when it comes to payment per milestone
>> though, but they definitely want to see progress. They like deadlines,
>> they like milestones, they like concrete results.
> thanks for the explanations, this helps me understand what you are looking at
> and for a lot more clearly. to repay your patience, here is my answer to Jos'
> original question, then:
> * adding a way to edit non-C++ widgets is dead simple, and something that
> could be added to the context menus of such widgets very easily. let's call
> that two day's work: create a QAction in the right place (AppletScript) that
> is connected to a slot which opens Plasmate to the right location
> * adding a way to track where a widget came from means storing a bit more
> metadata with the installed widget; this would be useful in the "upload my
> special version of this", esp if it can include things such as the remote git
> repo
> * extend and solidify the editing process in Plasmate; maybe a month's worth
> of work there to get it into really amazing shape
> * better integration with an online storage facility (kde-apps.org perhaps) to
> catalog these kinds of evolutions, so if i'm viewing FooPlasmoid i can see the
> 8 variations that add different things to it (not sure how long that would
> take)
> * integration with GHNS so that such variations can be grouped and tried out
> (also not sure on a timeline for this one; probably a couple weeks)
> so if we do the usual "it always takes longer", let's call it 2-3 months of
> full time work to have something that is nice and slick. we already have so
> many of the pieces together, and it would be possible to pull back on the
> quality of the final product to compress the timeline if needed.

Thank you very much, this is great info to create a good proposal. I
have one more question: how hard/easy will it be to find someone to
spend these 2-3 months on Plasmate within the community?

And to the kdevelop people: think about the questions as well, if you
want, and try to come up with answers please!

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