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On May 31, 2010, Armijn Hemel wrote:
> I'm not sure what you actually mean with this, so let me explain how
> NLnet Foundation funds projects these days. In the old days, it was
> Their funding would be tied to concrete results and money is not given
> up front. They are quite flexible when it comes to payment per milestone
> though, but they definitely want to see progress. They like deadlines,
> they like milestones, they like concrete results.

thanks for the explanations, this helps me understand what you are looking at 
and for a lot more clearly. to repay your patience, here is my answer to Jos' 
original question, then:

* adding a way to edit non-C++ widgets is dead simple, and something that 
could be added to the context menus of such widgets very easily. let's call 
that two day's work: create a QAction in the right place (AppletScript) that 
is connected to a slot which opens Plasmate to the right location

* adding a way to track where a widget came from means storing a bit more 
metadata with the installed widget; this would be useful in the "upload my 
special version of this", esp if it can include things such as the remote git 

* extend and solidify the editing process in Plasmate; maybe a month's worth 
of work there to get it into really amazing shape

* better integration with an online storage facility (kde-apps.org perhaps) to 
catalog these kinds of evolutions, so if i'm viewing FooPlasmoid i can see the 
8 variations that add different things to it (not sure how long that would 

* integration with GHNS so that such variations can be grouped and tried out 
(also not sure on a timeline for this one; probably a couple weeks)

so if we do the usual "it always takes longer", let's call it 2-3 months of 
full time work to have something that is nice and slick. we already have so 
many of the pieces together, and it would be possible to pull back on the 
quality of the final product to compress the timeline if needed.

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