Kdevelop editing issues

Konstantin Karganov karganov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 18:57:06 UTC 2010

> You press (and keep pressed) Ctrl + Tab and then use the mouse? Really?

Sure. I have two dozens files there and it's faster to use mouse that
pressing Ctrl-Tab so many times.

>> The button is buggy too. It seems that it searches just by file name
>> which is completely wrong.
>> In Kdevelop project, for example, there are multiple files with the
>> same name but in different directories (say, debugsession.cpp or
>> variablecontroller.cpp which are in debuggers/gdb and
>> debuggers/gdb/gdbtest ). The button shows just one of them which is
>> found first in the tree...
> It uses the URL and picks the first non-target file in the view with that URL.
> And I don't have neither debugsession.cpp nor variablecontroller.cpp twice
> (gdbtest is a binary in the builddir for me, or it ends on *.cpp/*.h in the
> folder - so what do you mean by that?)

Hmm, yes, I was wrong, there is no such file in a filesystem.
It was just that I had variablecontroller.cpp open in the editor and
synced the view - the view expanded just if I had a gdbtest directory
with variablecontroller.cpp and that item was selected.

I guess it is some kind of virtual folder and the file is the same
actually (the same URL, yes...), but still the result was a bit
unexpected, I didn't get to the subdir I was going to get.

Best regards,

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