Adding new files to background parser

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Jul 26 18:50:53 UTC 2010

On 14.07.10 18:45:01, Milian Wolff wrote:
> Hey there,
> currently new files added to a project (cp, git checkout, ...) are not added to 
> the background parser, even when the user wants the whole project to get 
> parsed.
> The setting would be:
>     KDevelop::ICore::self()->activeSession()->config()->group( "Project 
> Manager" );
>     return group.readEntry( "Parse All Project Sources"
> But that is currently only used privately in ProjectController (note: _not_ 
> IProjectController). Is there another way to get that setting, or should I 
> make that setting public from the ProjectController?

What do you mean with "make it public"? If its just about a
boolean-getter that reads from kconfig, sure makes complete sense.

> Then I could add it to the GenericManager, not sure about CmakeManager.

You mean you could schedule a parse-job from the manager when a file is

> Actually listening to the ProjectModels signals inside the background parser 
> directly and honoring the setting would of course be even better, but I wonder 
> when the sig/slot connection should be setup. Right now there is this 
>         KJob* parseProjectJob = new KDevelop::ParseProjectJob(project);
> setup in the ProjectController, which would of course lead to doubled adds (I 
> know the background parser can cope with that, but it's just unneeded 
> overhead, isn't it?).

I don't see how that would work as the job is not persistent. What
happens if I do a git pull 4 hours after opening the project... Or do
you mean make the projectcontroller create a new such job every time the
filesAdded signal is emitted? That seems like a lot of waste as even
just iterating the files (from the parser) to check wether parsing is
necessary takes 'ages' :)

IMHO scheduling a new parse-job from the manager when a file is
added is totally fine. Bonus points if (in case of removal) it
first fetches all files using the removed file (i.e. #include'ing it)
and scheduling them for removal too :)


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