Adding new files to background parser

Milian Wolff milianw at
Wed Jul 14 16:45:01 UTC 2010

Hey there,

currently new files added to a project (cp, git checkout, ...) are not added to 
the background parser, even when the user wants the whole project to get 

The setting would be:

    KDevelop::ICore::self()->activeSession()->config()->group( "Project 
Manager" );
    return group.readEntry( "Parse All Project Sources"

But that is currently only used privately in ProjectController (note: _not_ 
IProjectController). Is there another way to get that setting, or should I 
make that setting public from the ProjectController?

Then I could add it to the GenericManager, not sure about CmakeManager.

Actually listening to the ProjectModels signals inside the background parser 
directly and honoring the setting would of course be even better, but I wonder 
when the sig/slot connection should be setup. Right now there is this 

        KJob* parseProjectJob = new KDevelop::ParseProjectJob(project);

setup in the ProjectController, which would of course lead to doubled adds (I 
know the background parser can cope with that, but it's just unneeded 
overhead, isn't it?).

Milian Wolff
milianw at

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