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George Syron mr.syron at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 6 18:14:04 UTC 2010

Some bugs/problems/wishes...

1) When using the "Show uses" feature, some results are shown multiple times
when they are used within a function-like preprocessor macro (see attached

2) It seems that the pp has many problems when there are strings used inside
the macros, i.e. it always gets trouble with:
#define LOG(msg,ll) logger(std::string(__PRETTY_FUNCTION__) + " // " +
#define LOG_MESSAGE(msg) LOG(msg,llMessage)
what means, that auto-completion fails (it does only show LOG_MESSAGE with
word-completion), and it always shows a red error mark on the final
semicolon after macro usage, even if it is really needed there.

3) I still cannot figure out when the DuChain will be updated. I.e., I
change something in a header file, and need to re-open the other document
where this need came from to get the (changed/added) declaration into there.
When I add a declaration in a cpp file, I still cannot get the DuChain to
get updated unless I re-open the file. And I haven't found any possibility
to manually invoke an update, at least for the current file.

-- Syron
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