Changing the format of displayed value in debugger

Konstantin Karganov karganov at
Mon Jul 19 19:43:38 UTC 2010

> I tried your patch, a few comments:
> - shortcuts don't work
 they work when the context menu is shown and actions are bound to some
I'll have a look how try to make them work without menu

- Ctrl+C shortcut for copy would be nice

> - it doesn't work for all types - how can we make that clear to the user?
> - Variable::slotSetFormat() looks hackish - does that play well with
> translations?
yes, sorry, I didn't thought of that, object name is not meant to be
localized while the action text is, I'll fix that.

> - not every debugger supports this feature, there must be a way to disable
> or
>  manually convert the values
another debugger shall introduce it's own variable class with custom
setFormat() implementation
and, for additional control there can be something like virtual bool
Variable::supportsSetFormat() to query when displaying the menu. Do you
think this needs to be done?..

> and please push your changes to gitorious, that makes it much easier
> for us to review.
> (create a personal clone)
I've just done as says to do :)
I have cloned the git repo from gitorious, can I just push my commits up or
I'll need to register on gitorious first?..

Best regards,
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