Threadsafe project model

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Fri Jul 16 22:39:59 UTC 2010

On 16/07/2010, Andreas Pakulat <apaku at> wrote:
> Nothing is reading from the model at all in the background threads, the
> background parser gets 1 item as input to generate a list of subitems
> from that (i.e. a folder as input and returns a list of newly generated
> folder items). It also generates targets and file items along its way
> but those are simply new'ed with the apropriate parent object.

This isn't correct for CMake parsing, though. KDevelop parses one
directory at a time, then processes directories added to the model by
the previous parse pass; while real CMake parses scripts in
subdirectories immediately when the dir is added, as if it was an

I reported this to the bug tracker a while ago:


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