Yet another debugger problem

Victor Carvalho victor.carvalho at
Tue Jul 13 14:23:13 UTC 2010

Hi Millian and folks,

Here on work im facing constantly this bug when using kdevelop to debug 
my projects. Somehow, when debugging, when I do a "step over" or any 
command, the session stop responding. I can see the current line arrow 
where I last stepped, but any command I send doesn't have any effect. 
The Run menu has all itens enabled (which means the debbuger state as 
not running?), and if I press the pause button on gdb toolbox constantly
all commands I've previously sended run in sequence without any 
interaction of me, but this doesn't works every time. I'm sending an 
output log from kdevelop with the moment this happened. Right on the 
begin of the log you can see that I've issued some "next" commands and 
got no response. Then I've pressed the pause button and from there on 
everything got executed. It's like the command buffer not being sent to 
gdb at some point.

Info: I'm using 4.0 tag this time :)


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