Is there anything like #ifdef KDEVELOP_PARSER when parsing?

Alexander Shaduri ashaduri at
Mon Jul 12 09:27:54 UTC 2010


I'd like to know if something like "#ifdef KDEVELOP_PARSER" supported
when parsing C++.
The thing is, due to some bugs or missing features in KDevelop's C++
parser (especially ),
my files are all highlighted in red. I do have an alternative implementation
for that specific code that won't trigger the error (for MSVC), but it won't work
with gcc in gnu++98 mode.

So something like Doxygen's "#ifndef DOXYGEN_SHOULD_SKIP_THIS"
should help, at least during the initial heavy development phase.

Is there anything like that in KDevelop?

If not, maybe it would be nice to add one? (This problem might get bigger
especially with the upcoming C++0x).


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