Absolute paths in .kdev4/ dir

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jul 11 22:12:51 UTC 2010

On 11.07.10 21:55:46, Aleix Pol wrote:
> I think that using relative paths might be not the best solution.
> If the project was moved then we can remove the current configuration and
> ask for it again. Relative paths sound workaround-ish to me.

No, having relative paths in the config files make the whole project
relocatable without causing any drawbacks (except a little bit more
logic when accessing the paths). If there's ever a replacement for
KConfig to read our config files this could even be completely hidden
from the users of the project configuration.

Relative paths with a clearly defined "position" of where they are
relative to (like the project source directory) are much better then
re-asking the same questsions over and over again. Not to mention that
you cannot always detect that an existing absolute path is wrong. Think
about the case where someone moves the project to another machine, where
there is a builddir at the same absolute path, but its not what he wants
to. With relative paths he could've used "../build/foobar" as builddir
and have it always work.


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