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Kevin Ottens just asked me and Aleix about ideas for work in KDevelop. He has 
that project going on each year where he tries to put a group of four students 
at work in a KDE project for three months. They have to do some useful stuff to 
pass that class, if you read the planet you might have read his past reports. 
Before they already worked on Amarok, KOffice, Akonadi, Umbrello, ...

This time he thought about proposing a KDevelop related project, and wants us 
to support a list of plugins for him to show to the students.

Aleix and me came up with this roughly:

- create a plugin to "generate code", using the Grantlee library:
it could be used for example to have a toolview with things like 
"I want to create a new QAbstractItemModel implementation"
=> show ui, generate code => actually start working

Essentially KApptempate for single files. I think this would be very useful. 
They could incorporate GHNS and stuff and create something totally new to get 
acquainted with the KDevplatform architecture.

- documentation integration:
cpp reference, stl, kernel, KDE, ...

maybe also for other languages: java, python, ruby, xml, html, ...

- fix halfway working stuff:
valgrind support
designer integration

More input? Kevin asked us to give him some list until the end of the month.

Milian Wolff
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