Release Plan

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Tue Feb 23 23:57:06 UTC 2010

> March 1st  - Feature Freeze, no feature-commits, only bugfixes.
>             i18n-changes related to spelling mistakes or bugfixes are ok
> March 3rd  - Tag and Tarball/Upload Beta9, last beta of KDevelop4.0
> March 5th  - Release Beta9 with official announcement on the dot,
>              including a short sketch of the final release
> March 31st - i18n Freeze and Tagging of RC1
> April 3rd  - RC1 release date
> April 14th - Tag and Release RC2 (no big announcement)
> April 28th - Tag Final
> May 1st    - Release 4.0.0 + kdevplatform 1.0.0
> Opinions? Objections? Unless I hear somebody screaming about this until
> Feb. 21st I'll put this up on our wiki or techbase (not sure which is
> better) and will let release-team and i18n-team know about.

It's Feb24 already, so can we assume that your plan is now finalized?

PS: I think 1st May is a good time for the release. It's somewhere between 
OpenSuse 11.3 M6 and M7. Looks like it will become the first distro to ship 
KDevelop and we'll even have enough time to do 4.0.1 bugfix release before 

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