Release Plan

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Feb 10 21:32:30 UTC 2010


as we're closing in (finally) on the 4.0 release, I'd like to make some
more dates fixed so people can adjust to them and more importantly we
have a place to point people to who ask "when is 4.0 going to be
released". As I said before we won't be freezing for the upcoming
development sprint, but I'd like to freeze shortly thereafter for
features. I propose the following schedule:

March 1st  - Feature Freeze, no feature-commits, only bugfixes.
            i18n-changes related to spelling mistakes or bugfixes are ok
March 3rd  - Tag and Tarball/Upload Beta9, last beta of KDevelop4.0
March 5th  - Release Beta9 with official announcement on the dot,
             including a short sketch of the final release
March 31st - i18n Freeze and Tagging of RC1
April 3rd  - RC1 release date
April 14th - Tag and Release RC2 (no big announcement)
April 28th - Tag Final
May 1st    - Release 4.0.0 + kdevplatform 1.0.0

Opinions? Objections? Unless I hear somebody screaming about this until
Feb. 21st I'll put this up on our wiki or techbase (not sure which is
better) and will let release-team and i18n-team know about.


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