Patch-review changes

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Feb 21 16:07:34 UTC 2010

On 21.02.10 16:53:31, David Nolden wrote:
> I've fixed all the issues I mentioned now.

Thanks for spending your precious time.

> Porting to a newer version of libdiff wasn't such a bad thing, at
> least we don't depend on Qt3-support any more.

Well, I've forked the svncpp lib from rapidsvn, and the updating I did
recently cost me 30 minutes. But I never changed their original code, I
only added things, so that made it a lot easier. Spending an hour just
to update to a newer version of libxyz is something that nobody will
really do unless there's a really really important thing. If instead it
takes only 5 minutes, somebody might do it on each patch-level release.

> But still, this sucked, because I was forced to fix the thing in the end, 

As far as I know Aleix is currently travelling and seriously you weren't
forced to fix it. If you needed it working the fastest and easiest
solution would have been simply reverting the change locally. Then you
could've waited for Aleix to complete the fixup.

> I think there is something to be learned: If you don't know how something 
> works, and especially if you don't even use it, then simply don't touch its 
> code! You can only break it then.

That would just mean nobody would work on anything except the code he
wrote and thats just stupid. Just because somebody is not as fast as you
understanding somebody else's codebase (and frankly, the code you write
is not always the easiest to understand) doesn't mean he cannot fix the
issues he introduces. After all, we still have plenty of time to fix
things up.


You'd like to do it instantaneously, but that's too slow.

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