David Nolden zwabel at
Mon Feb 15 23:47:03 UTC 2010

Am Dienstag 16 Februar 2010 00:01:38 schrieb Niko Sams:
> On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 22:27, Alexander Dymo <alexander.dymo at> 
> > 2010/2/15 Niko Sams <niko.sams at>:
> >> So here my question to all:
> >> Who uses workingsets?
> >
> > I don't and I'd love to have them optional.

They are! All they consist of is a few additional icons on the screen, but 
nothing happens if you don't use them ---> optional!
However the icons are visible always so the feature is discoverable.

> It should be implemented as plugin.

Implementing the feature as a plugin would require lots of new useless 
interfaces and reduce the possible amount of integration massively.

So lets just get things straight: What exactly is so annoying about those few 

Cannot you guys find something productive to do, like for example integrating 
Sam S.'s less intrusive icons, instead of these anti-constructive suggestions?

I've removed the working-set icon at the left of the tab-bar now as I agree 
that one was a bit too much.

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