autotools support

Robert Gruber R.Gruber at
Sun May 17 09:50:07 UTC 2009

> Hmm, "Importing" (as in using Project->Open Project with a
> should automatically work IIRC, you just need to have the proper stuff in
> the desktop file for your plugin (see CMake for an example).

OMG, you're right! It works...

I was always waiting for the "Finish" button to be enabled 
(like when selecing a .kdev4 file). I just didn't get it that 
I have to click the "Next" button. I had to look through openprojectdialog.cp to get it :(

So importing "" works too. Although you have to select the 
project manager manually in the second page. The "Custom Makefile"
manager's "Makefile.*" filter overrules automake manager's "" 

Do we really need a "Makefile.*" filter for custom makefile manager? I think just "Makefile" should be enough.

Greets, Robert

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