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Ramon Zarazua rzarazua at digipen.edu
Wed May 13 22:29:14 UTC 2009

I just realized yesterday that even though the kdevplatform documentation is 
hosted on http://api.kde.org along with the rest of KDE documentation, the 
kdevelop documentation is not. It is hosted on kdevelop.org, and uses a wholly 
different format.

I asked about this in IRC and was told that it was because the webmasters at 
api.kde.org have not provided some macros that the kdevelop documentation 
uses. Personally, I think that kdevplatform and kdevelop documentation should 
be together, and following the same interface, since they are highly dependent 

So my question is: Are there any intentions of moving the kdevelop 
documentation to api.kde.org, or moving kdevplatform over to kdevelop.org?

Ramon Zarazua
Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation
Digipen Institute of technology
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